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Sports Nutrition Services

Josh Bowes, CN

How It Works


Virtual Sessions & Check-ins

All initial evaluations and check-ins are done virtually so that you never have to leave your home!


Customized nutrition program

Nutrition programming created for your body type and goals. Programming is updated weekly based off of results we are seeing in real time. 


Guidance on cooking and grocery shopping

Get tips on what to cook and how to shop in order to meet your physical and nutritional goals!

Nutrition program information:

These days because of technology and accessibility, tracking nutrition has become much
easier. That being said, many people still need accountability to create discipline. That’s where I
come in—to teach you how to create the habit of a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’re just starting to train or work out or you’re already an athlete, my program keeps
things simple by focusing on giving each person the same thing—a successful guide to select
quality, whole foods and limit processed foods, pairing nutrition that fuels physical goals.


The nutrition coaching I offer is completely virtual. The program begins with an initial, hour-long
evaluation during which I get to know clients on a personal level and we discuss their physical
desires. I describe what nutrition looks like, go over accessibility to grocery stores and review
allergies. Then I create a plan.


Every program I create has similar aspects with a tracking system that provides allotted daily
calories, including food, drink, and sleep, with a place to upload progress photos and weekly
check-ins. However, each one is customized for the individual.


I offer 3 and 6-month packages, which are determined by realistic start and end goals. For
example, the 3-month program is for someone who has knowledge of nutrition but needs more
guidance and accountability, while the 6-month program is for someone starting from square
one. Includes food prepping tips for busy individuals, such as people who travel often or juggling
a lot on their plate.


Everyone’s relationship with food is different and we’ll figure out together where your starting
point is and how we can get you to your end goal. While my program is intentional in its
purpose, it’s not limiting in any particular area. For example, it doesn’t completely eliminate
bread, sweets or even alcohol. Rather, it focuses on consistency and moderation. It helps each
person heal from bad habits and grow into the healthiest version of themselves through the
creation of conscious, healthy ones.

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