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Josh Bowes, CN

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Virtual Sessions & Check-ins

Customized nutrition program

Guidance on cooking and grocery shopping

All initial evaluations and check-ins are done virtually so that you never have to leave your home!

Nutrition programming created for your body type and goals. Programming is updated weekly based off of results we are seeing in real time. 

Get tips on what to cook and how to shop in order to meet your physical and nutritional goals!


Josh Bowes is an ISSA Certified Nutritionist and Tactical Conditioning Specialist who specializes in the athlete and active individual. He enjoys all things related to nutrition and creating healthy lifestyles free of fads and bland foods.  After having a registered dietician myself back in 2014, I quickly dove into the world of nutrition and have been fine tuning my own personal skills since. 


Since 2014 I have attempted diets such as the Ketogenic diet for the better of 2 years, to the opposite side by eating anything I want as long as it would fit my “macros.”  I currently have found the best and most maintainable guideline is to stick with whole, minimally processed foods, while achieving daily targeted macronutrient and caloric goals.  This way of eating will develop both knowledge of whole foods while also making you a beast in the kitchen. 


Based off of an initial evaluation and food log, Josh builds weekly nutrition programming based on the clients' physical and nutritional goals and needs. Weekly check-ins are conducted over the phone to make sure clients are staying on track and the program is continuously fitting their needs. 

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