Do you want to continue to get stronger? Try online programming!

Are you looking for more guidance in your work out routine or would like to continue to get stronger after physical therapy? Dr. Claire's goal is for your injury to never come back in the way it was when you originally saw her. She builds a 4 week program based off of your previous injury, current goals, and exercise routine. A majority of her patients get 3 days of strength training and one day of mobility work. Does this sound like something you are interested in?

What does the program include?

  • Zoom call initial evaluation to asses you physically and go over your goals

  • 4 week program written for your specific needs/goals

  • Week 1 and 3 check in via phone

  • Reassessment via Zoom to progress your program after 4 weeks

  • Program with videos and exercise prescription on PTE app

What are the benefits to online programming?

  • Personalized touch

  • Adjustments made to prevent plateauing

  • Continue to get stronger without coming in person

  • New exercises

  • Don't have to think about your workout

  • Do them where ever you are and on your own time

  • Affordable

Who is building the program?

Dr. Claire will be building your program based off her knowledge and experience being a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

How does the program work?

Videos and information will be posted on your PTEverywhere app. The videos will be of Dr. Claire completing and explaining what you should be doing for that exercise. The program with have details about what exercise, number of set, and rep listed. Dr. Claire will be available to help and make adjustments.

Where do I get started?

Email for more details. You can also book any initial evaluation right from our website.

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