Save Money by Going to Physical Therapy First

Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts, but often when people are experiencing pain they will turn to their primary care physicians. They are there to help you before your condition progressively gets worse. Often times physical therapist treat your pain so you will not need surgery or other expensive options.

How much money will you save?

When you start with physical therapy before turning to injections or surgery you will save thousands of dollars. This is true for an initial intervention and over a 12 month period. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, when physical therapy was used first its average total medical cost was $3,992. While this appears to be a

large number it is small in comparison to other treatment alternatives. Physical therapy is 19% lower than injections ($4,905) and 75% lower than surgery ($16,195). Over a 12 month period there are similar results with it being 18% lower than injections and 54% lower than surgery. Looking to physical therapist first will save you

money and help you avoid invasive

options like surgery.


When should you turn to a physical therapist?

People often look for help once they can no longer tolerate the pain. Physical therapy is a growing field that can offer resources for everyday health through strength training and injury prevention. When you start to experience pain, muscle weakness, or imbalance it is recommended to turn to a physical therapist. By getting help early you prevent the problem from getting worse, which means fewer visits and less pain. Physical therapists can help diagnosis your injury and offer advice or treatment. Do not let your pain get to the point where surgery and injections have to be considered.

Before going to a primary care physician when you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain you should see a physical therapist. They can offer you different alternatives to possibly avoid MRIs, X-Rays, or other additional appointments. Additionally they can refer to you physician or specialist they believe will be a better option for you.

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