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Our Services

Providing Everything You Need to PERFORM


In person 1:1 Physical Therapy

Each visit will consist of manual therapy based on your body's needs and your injury. Techniques provided are myofascial release, mobilizations, manipulations, instrument soft tissue mobilization, stretching, cupping, rolling and taping. One-on-one guided prescribed exercise based on you injury and goals. Use of the entire gym facility including free weights, barbells, cables, turf field and more.

Sports Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition consulting for the athlete and active individual. Personalized nutrition programming and coaching to help you reach your physical and performance goals. 

All evaluations and check-ins are virtual. Programming is adjusted weekly based off of real time results.


Virtual 1:1 Physical Therapy 

1 hour physical therapy session in the convenience of your own home or gym. Guided exercise prescription and form correction through video chat.

Online exercise programming

Injury prevention program for teams or individuals. Learn how to move your body correctly for your sport to keep you on the field/court and out of the operating room. 

Discounted rates for groups of 4 or more! Grab some of your teammates and perform together.

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Injury prevention team training

6 week injury prevention program for youth and adolescent athletes. In this program athletes are taught proper body mechanics, their way around a weight room, how to lift, and most importantly plyometrics and strength training practices to prevent injury. 

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